What if essays on alternate history

The earliest recorded German immigrants to Louisiana arrived inand Germans continue to arrive every year, especially in the New Orleans area. The fact that residents of German descent actually comprise Louisiana's largest cultural group is often overlooked, and it has only been in the last decade that scholarly forays have been made into this history.

What if essays on alternate history

Only then can we begin to reshape how society thinks about relations between men and women in Australia. But what are the current cultural messages about relations between women themselves? The recent conclusion in media and popular culture seems to be that while women do not hit other women, they invariably hit out at one another.

There is nothing new about this idea. In the past decade, sociological findings have sought to demonstrate that bullying among girls takes the form of relational aggression — verbal and emotional abuse — as opposed to the physical aggression found among boys. The premise that women will lash out at each other in order to compete for male attention is also used for entertainment, as on The Bachelor and the Real Housewives of Melbourne.

The Bachelor Australia A myth with a longer history In reality, the belief that women secretly hate one another has a long history.

Pforzheimer, Breaking up of the Blue Stocking Club Victorians celebrated romantic friendships between women, but also depicted them as superficial passions that simply prepared women for marriage. I was often struck both by the small number of recorded examples of the sentiment among women […] and by the commonness of the expressed belief, that strong natural obstacles make friendship a comparatively feeble and rare experience with them.

Worse, underlying animosity was portrayed making these relationships potentially dangerous. At its most extreme, female friendships were thought to induce women to criminal acts.

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Australia inherited this western cultural tradition of demonising relationships between women. For many past and the present commentators, the main reason women supposedly lack sorority is thought to be sexual jealousy.

Wikimedia CommonsCC BY It is alleged this could even be biological - a drive left over from a period when securing male support was necessary to female survival. Indeed, Lombroso was one of the first to espouse this Darwinian view of female relations. While such contentions remain unproventhey have proved influential.

In the nineteenth century, such sentiments made women scapegoats for their own suffering. Prostitution was blamed not on capitalism, but on the vindictiveness of those already in the trade.

This perspective continues in society today. According to commentators like Samantha Brickit is women, not men, who objectify, belittle and sabotage attractive women, especially those who have embraced their sexuality.

What if essays on alternate history

Professional women Women may have been freed from their reliance on a male provider during the twentieth century, but this is not said to have lessened female rivalry.

Rather, this phenomenon is seen to have simply moved into the professional sphere. Many believe female bosses are tougher on women employees, reluctant to help others shatter the glass ceiling for fear of losing their own privileged position.

Competitiveness and authoritarianism, researchers found, were perceived negatively when displayed by women, but not men. In the illicit economy of the nineteenth century, brothel-keepers were described as jealously guarding the more privileged position they held over the ordinary prostitute.

Madams were said to cheat other women out of their wages with a sense of schadenfreude.

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There were similar allegations of female exploitation in the legitimate economy. Social reformer Helen Campbell, in Prisoners of Povertyan investigation of American female factory workers, declared: The myth continues Whether in their professional or personal lives, it is true that women do not always treat other women well.Thousands of people throughout history have gone to great lengths to record history through newspapers, diaries, journals, saved letters, family Bibles, and oral traditions.

It is believed that Aborigines of Australia actually managed to hang onto their history for 40, years by word of mouth.

In the event that any instance of Researcher Lloyd manifests within baseline reality, they are to be supplied with standard provisions, treated with low-risk life-extending techniques, and promptly ejected to the nearest available universe.

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Early Expressions of German Culture in Louisiana

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When most Americans think of the Civil Rights Movement, they have in mind a span of time beginning with the Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. Board of Education, which outlawed segregated education, or the Montgomery Bus Boycott and culminated in the .

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