Violence in hockey thesis statement

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Violence in hockey thesis statement

Rough copy 2 Why Fighting in Hockey should Stay There is no sporting event which brings a crowd to its feet, and creates an atmospheric explosion quite like that of an ice hockey fight. Fighting within hockey is a form of sanctioned violence, as it has been deemed acceptable since the inception of the NHL in Hammond, A very recent political uproar has taken place within the hockey world, as more and more people are pushing to have fighting completely removed from the game.

As a hockey player of over 17 years, I have been consumed by the sport, as it has dictated my life for my entire adult life. I have been through every situation where fighting has occurred within the sport, and have a strong belief that it is necessary and an essential part of hockey.

In this paper I will present fact-based evidence supporting why I believe that fighting within hockey should not be banned; I will do this by arguing that fighting has a time and place in the sport, as well as disprove the stereotype that fighting is the leading cause of injury in hockey.

There is no doubt that hockey is an extremely fast paced, physical, and aggressive sport. For those who are not avid hockey fans, the stereotype is generally that hockey players fight each other for fun. This is not the case, fighting within hockey has a very strict time and place for when it is considered acceptable by players and coaches.

Unofficial violent acts come by way of striking an opponent with a hockey stick, or nasty attacks on an opponent such as hitting a player when he is not looking or from behind.

A player may receive a minor two minute penalty for an action which could injure the victim. Two minutes in a penalty box is a small price to pay to get an opposing player out of a game; so where is the justice?

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Players understand that by allowing fighting, it is the best way to protect each other, as it plays the role of self-policing Pugliese, Brian Burke, the Toronto Maple Leafs general manager, has become one of the many advocates towards keeping fighting within the game.

As the rules against fighting become stricter, there is a far greater opportunity for players to commit unsanctioned violent acts with minimal consequences.

This relates to the findings of Corriero who found that fighting in hockey was almost exclusively dependent on either the situational factor, or environmental factor. The situational factor refers to the idea that there is a time and place, or in other words, a situation when it is deemed okay to fight.

This situation typically results when a player gets a hit or action from an opponent that they find unacceptable; this will usually result in a fight, and is usually what some players call self-policing. The evidence of this comes from the types of injuries sustained by hockey players, as the amount of players seriously injured is but a fraction of those injured due to hitting from opponents with the intent to injure.

Violence in hockey thesis statement

The leading case for why fighting should be banned is the number of concussions which stem from the players being struck in the head with a punch, or from their heads hitting the ice when falling.

In North America alone, there were approximately ice hockey players; these numbers have been on a steady incline every decade Emery, Kang, Shrier… As more and more people play the game, more injuries occur, and concussions have become a rapidly growing cause for concern in hockey.AGGRESSION IN AMATEUR AND PROFESSIONAL HOCKEY *>y Darryl Norman Upfold B.A, Waterloo Lutheran University, A Thesis Submitted to the Department of Psychology.

Oct 25,  · i need a good thesis statement to keep fighting in hockey How to write a theiss statement on fighting in hockey? i need a good thesis statement to keep fighting in hockey.

because the creeps in the stands enjoy the violence, they want blood.

Violence in hockey thesis statement

Football, baseball, soccer, etc. would be ashamed to have the frequent violence of Status: Resolved. Our "Violence In Sports" experts can research and write a NEW, ONE-OF-A-KIND, ORIGINAL dissertation, thesis, or research proposal—JUST FOR YOU—on the precise "Violence In Sports" topic of your choice.

Jan 09,  · Best Answer: Before I begin, I'd just like to give a preemptive "Sammy, shut the hell up." Fighting is perfectly legal anywhere as long as the two parties consent to it (otherwise, that would be assault).

Thing is, a person cannot legally consent to being Resolved. The Thesis Statement Page 2 of 3 Last updated: September 21, 4. When you think you know how you would answer your research question, . About hockey essay television violence Posted By: October 29, Essay about sport event like best descriptive essay idea informative college essay questions examples .

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