Using old cell phones to rock

Transferring contacts from an old phone to the iPhone Transferring contacts from an old phone to the iPhone by Ben Wilson December 5, 3: If all you have is a set of contacts stored on an old Nokia, Samsung, Motorola or other phone, however, the process is a bit more involved. Here are your options:

Using old cell phones to rock

We were told that as fans of Using old cell phones to rock culture, we would be right at home among the old record and book stores and trendy eateries. After standing outside for close to an hour before doors opened, we finally were released into the dark innards of the venue, the only light coming from an ironic disco ball hanging in front of the tiny stage.

We were front row -- our eardrums would punish us for days afterwards. Nothing could compare to what we were going to experience. Everybody else was also snapping a pre-show picture. She had a fellow fan snap a photo, but instead of returning to her previous place in the crowd, she remained up front.

At that very moment, my friends and I knew we would be in for a ride.

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Nothing we would experience in our lives from that moment on would top this. Yet at that very moment, this lady, who had so desperately pushed to be up front, pulled out her cell phone and began recording the show. Taking pictures and recording songs are common practices among concertgoers.

According to T-Mobile47 percent of any given audience text others during a show, while 32 percent engage in social media during a show. Vincent have moved me to snap the moment for posterity.

Using old cell phones to rock

Can you get that through a tiny digitalized reenactment of the show? Concertgoers are now just as content watching live concerts through their phones or camera screens as they would be enjoying the concert without the technological temptation.

Of course, this would evolve into sacred bootleg recordings that caught incredible musical moments and as concerts become more visually impressive, one could argue that phones and cameras are serving a similar purpose. Further, those concertgoers are blocking those around them for what?

A couple out-of-focus pictures or a jumbled mosaic of unintelligible pixels and a song that is basically unrecognizable. YouTube is becoming littered with low-quality footage of shows that probably spoils the element of surprise for other fans who plan on attending a show in the future.

Everybody experiences the show differently, and no single photo or video makes you any more special than the kid in the Pink Floyd t-shirt standing next to you. Would these same people think of taking their cameras out during an opera or Broadway performance?

Why would that be considered bad taste but concert phone usage is acceptable? Yes, it's the "You had to be there to understand" cliche, but studies show that concerts do have a powerful effect on us.

Aside from a therapeutic purpose, music can be psychologically profound. I had never expected to see someone play an electric mandolin the way Jordan Cook was. The woman to our left was being stubborn. She was recording every song and sending them to a friend, but none of the messages were making it through.

I had noted right before the set started that my phone was struggling to get service, so I just decided to shut it off for the night. To our right, another woman, this one a little bit younger, had her phone out too.

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It was almost an unspoken competition between the two, to see who could record the most songs from the show. She was also obviously inebriated to the point where negotiating with her was not an option.

Jordan Cook was on to the solo part of his show, where he drums and shreds at the same time in an act of incredible musical ability.

But we were getting a little bit angry because of how the ignorance of our crowd-mates was affecting how we were taking in the show. Taking photos of every single cool moment or recording every single one of your favorite songs is disruptive to those around you and it ultimately ruins your own experience.

The glow from these pointless messages can really be distracting and when the people behind you, you demonic device-wielder, ask for the phones to be put away, you should grant them visual peace.

Some bands actually do encourage the use of these devices during their shows. Official band contests for the best concert photos or even tweeting at the band for encore requests are actually somewhat common.Activate it: Pass it on or use it as an emergency phone.

Give it away: Plenty of charitable organizations would love to have it. Sell it: Make a few bucks if it still has some life.

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Jun 02,  · Turn it Off: Cell Phones and Concert Culture My friends and I had never been to Wicker Park before. We were told that as fans of "hipster" culture, we would be right at home among the old .

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