The last waltz

But as an album, The Last Waltz soundtrack had to compete with the Band 's earlier live album, Rock of Ageswith which it bears a certain superficial resemblance -- both found the group trying to create something grander than the standard-issue live double, and both featured the group beefed up by additional musicians. While Rock of Ages found the Band swinging along with the help of a horn section arranged by Allen ToussaintThe Last Waltz boasts a horn section using Toussaint 's earlier arrangements on a few cuts and more than a baker's dozen guest stars, ranging from old cohorts Ronnie Hawkins and Bob Dylan to contemporaries Joni MitchellNeil Youngand Van Morrison. The Band are in fine if not exceptional form here; on most cuts, they don't sound quite as fiery as they did on Rock of Agesthough their performances are never less than expert, and the high points are dazzling, especially an impassioned version of "It Makes No Difference" and blazing readings of "Up on Cripple Creek" and "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" Levon Helm has made no secret that he felt breaking up the Band was a bad idea, and here it sounds if he was determined to prove how much they still had to offer.

The last waltz

Scorsese knows that, and only interrupts what he has filmed of the extensive program to sit down and talk with the band's members in brief anecdotal conversations that add heart, context, and personal memories to the mix.

Lead Robbie Robertson gets the most screen time, but Scorsese finds the unique voices of the others as well.

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Continue reading Show less Is it any good? It's actually mellowed and gotten richer with age. The film is dynamic, graceful, wonderfully directed and edited, with great attention paid to all the distinguished guests as well as the musical force that was The Band. Recommended for rock fans, then and now.

Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Families can talk about the fact that The Last Waltz is considered a landmark concert film. What it is about Director Martin Scorsese's work that makes it special? Think about the arts of editing, sound mixing, and production design.

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How did the director turn his vision into an intensely personal experience for the viewer? At the opening of the film, viewers are encouraged to watch the movie with the sound turned up. Then, during conversation sessions, the sound is recorded at a low level. How does that trick show that the filmmakers are actually mixing the sound so that viewers will have to follow their instructions?

Despite the fact that "The Band" members were originally from Canada, the group is considered to represent the very best of "Americana" in rock-and-roll history. Find out what "Americana" means as a musical term. As is true of many rock-and-roll icons, several members of "The Band" died at a relatively young age.

Where would you go to find out what happened to them?Content.

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The triple album documents the Band's "farewell" concert which took place at Bill Graham's Winterland Ballroom on Thanksgiving Day The event included an actual Thanksgiving dinner for attendees, with ballroom dancing and a stage set for La Traviata borrowed from the San Francisco Opera..

The concert featured songs by the . The Band - The Complete Last Waltz - - Cool Daddy Productions CD, CD, CD, CD Hot Stuff re-released The Complete Last Waltz as a 4CD-R set in February This is the complete, dub-free, raw soundboard of the entire Thanksgiving evening show from at Winterland, running about minutes.

The last waltz

The Last Waltz was a concert by the Canadian-American rock group The Band, held on American Thanksgiving Day, November 25, , at Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco. The Last Waltz was advertised as The Band's "farewell concert appearance", and the concert saw The Band joined by more than a dozen special guests, including .

Apr 26,  · Watch video · The Last Waltz is a must see if you are a fan of the rock&roll genre, as The Band and friends not only play their hearts out, but also pay tribute to the sound that we all know and love.

Watch it, you won't regret the time spent/10(K).

Thanksgiving, , San Francisco's Winterland: the Band performs its last concert after 16 years on the road. Some numbers they do alone, some songs include guest artists from Ronnie Hawkins (their first boss, when they were the Hawks) to Bob Dylan (their last, when as his backup and as a solo group, they came into their own). 18 rows · As a film, The Last Waltz was a triumph -- one of the first (and still one of the few) rock 8/ I am a huge fan of The Band and every time that The Last Waltz comes on television, I get sucked in for at least thrity minutes. The CD follows along with the performance and includes additional songs that were not included in the movie.

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