The clothesline project

Build a clothesline Next to your refrigerator, your dryer is likely the biggest energy-guzzling appliance in your house. And while we wouldn't ask you to store your food in a vintage icebox, an old-fashioned clothesline is actually a pretty good idea. If that sounds too retro, think of it as a "solar dryer" instead.

The clothesline project

I installed our clothesline between our detached garage and our house, but you can also attach the ends to a large tree, a sturdy fence, or a shed. Or if you want your line to run along the side or back of your house, you can install the clothesline between two large, sturdy brackets attached to your house like they did over at Homestead Revival.

Repeat the process for the second screw hook at the other end of your clothesline. Then take the other end of the clothesline and thread it through one pulley from the top to the bottom, then run your clothesline over to the other pulley and thread it through from the bottom to the top.

Bring the clothesline back over to the first pulley so that it meets up with the line tightener. You want to leave yourself at least 3 feet of clothesline to thread through the line tightener, but you can cut off any extra clothesline beyond that.

Thread the cut end through the line tightener and pull tight. This will put your line tightener on the upper line like mine is; if you want your line tightener on the lower line, just thread the clothesline from bottom to top of the first pulley and top to bottom on the second pulley.

The ball bearings will grip the clothesline tight; to tighten the line just pull on the loose end of the line hanging out the back of the tightener. The beauty of the pulley system is that you can completely fill your clothesline without having to walk down the line as you go! Start with the line tightener all the way at the opposite end of the line from you, then hang your first piece of clothing on the lower line closest to you.

If your line tightener is on the lower line instead of the upper line, start with the line tightener up against the pulley closest to you, then move the line out a few feet and start hanging clothes after the tightener.

You can add the clothesline spreaders along with the clothes as you go, or you can add them at the end like I do. Just clip them onto your clothesline in a few places and they will help keep the upper and lower lines together instead of sagging.

One thing to note when deciding where to place your clothesline is the angle of your screw hooks. The screw hook in our house is around the corner, perpendicular to the clothesline, but the screw hook in the garage is straight in line with the clothesline.

The clothesline project

But if you have options, go with the right angle for a sturdier installation! Do you hang your clothes to dry?Each hand crafted project deserves the finest materials and tools to ensure the best quality.

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Home; Gift of the Heart Kits; Gift of the Heart Kits. Gift of the Heart kits are an excellent hands-on project for youth groups, Presbyterian Women and others who want a tangible way to be involved. What is NSCS?. NSCS is an honor society that has members who positively impact their campuses and communities by participating in service activities as they prepare for future endeavors. 1. Build a clothesline. Next to your refrigerator, your dryer is likely the biggest energy-guzzling appliance in your house. And while we wouldn't ask you to store your food in a vintage icebox, an old-fashioned clothesline is actually a pretty good idea.

El Tendedero/The Clothesline Project on view November 10, –January 5, In this exhibition, Mexico City-based artist Mónica Mayer transforms the clothesline, a traditionally feminine object, into a tool designed to engage the community and facilitate a dialogue around women’s experience with violence—including topics such as sexual .

Back in Georgia a clothesline is a function of living. When we moved to Virginia and into Steve’s townhouse clotheslines were not allowed. Yeah, home owner’s associations make no sense. Check out The Clothesline Project by Rhea Harmsen & Lee Robinson on Amazon Music.

Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on From Newsroom — Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

October 31, News Release October 31, —Ottawa, ON—Today, the Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced the new multi-year immigration levels plan for The Clothesline Project is an artistic display to address the issue of violence against women and men.

It is a vehicle for women and men affected by violence to express their emotions by decorating a shirt. They then hang the shirt on a clothesline to be viewed by others as testimony to the problem of violence against women and men. This is an .

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