Rationale 17

Enhance implementation through participatory planning, knowledge management and capacity building Target Byeach Party has developed, adopted as a policy instrument, and has commenced implementing, an effective, participatory and updated national biodiversity strategy and action plan. National biodiversity strategies and action plans NBSAPs are the key instrument for translating the Convention and decisions of the Conference of the Parties into national action.

Rationale 17

Thanks for writing to me. I have travelled a long way from the person and mindset I had when I wrote my book back in I still Rationale 17 my own work in that book, as it expressed my best attempts to make sense of Christianity, but a few years later I experienced a major transition into other ways of looking at the universe that have led me down some very different roads, indeed.

I would not say my change was because of preterism, per se, but the process of getting to preterism analysis, reason, seeking for things to make sense, looking into history, etc.

You can read a summary of my journey on my site The Joy of Disillusionmentwhich is where I assume you were reading about me. If not, it is http: I found that the only way to make sense of Christianity and God was to completely spiritualize these things, which led to a complete separation of God and his supposed interactions with us, from us.

Once you remove the religion out of any direct contact with the believers, it becomes a fantasy and is used as a tool of power by the paternalistic authorities.

Shamanism is still practiced throughout the world by indigenous peoples and also now by many Westerners. It is not a religion, but a practice. I could never touch, see, feel, or speak with not TO God in the Christian faith.

He was "beyond" Rationale 17, even though he supposedly was personally reachable and interactive in the Bible times. In shamanistic practices I've engaged in, I have had authentic experiences that are every bit the equivalent of Paul's visions on the road to Damascus or Ezekiel's visions, etc.

I can't prove them to you or anyone else, and that is fine - it is subjective by nature - but then, I don't have to prove it in order to convince anyone to "join my religion".

It is intensely personal, but it is also REAL to me - something that actually happened that I can claim to have experienced. This has happened for me through modern shamanic practices such as meditation, vision quests, and shamanic dreams, but also by engaging in tribal medicine practices that are thousands of years old, using plants that empower very direct spiritual experiences.

These are not casual or entertainment drugs, but serious and powerful medicines whose use is surrounded by elaborate ritual and techniques and which are guided by extraordinarily professional and gifted leaders.

Like you said, my goal is also to follow the truth and go down any road that might lead me there, regardless of the final destination.

Sometimes one has to try many different roads, but always evaluating for truth or as I like to say now, for What is Real. My goal in all this is to avoid all the wide- eyed new-age stuff and drill down to the real thing. I'm certainly not one to chuck it all away and just claim an atheist rationalist only view of the universe.

After years of study and some powerful personal experiences, I have come to the belief that our humanity took off because of the way certain things in our environment altered our brains and allowed us to perceive the world in new and creative ways.

I believe that much of that came from our interactions with certain powerful psychoactive plants and plant combinations. It is evident in the prehistoric cave and rock art all over the world, and it can still be experienced right now, today, for those who are inclined to seek out the harder roads to Reality.

Our paternalistic, controlling authority governments are rightly scared to death of this and engage in anything they can do to suppress this awakening of consciousness, but in the final analysis, that is an impossible task for them.

Rationale 17

If you are interested in learning more about my specific shamanic experiences, check out the link in my address tag below. Hope that answers some of your question.

Blessings and Light on your own journey! I must say that I have never quite read anything like this. I will never judge you. Many things have taken place in my life that lead me to open up easily to the preterist view.

I then moved on to textual criticism. And now I am studying an alternative view of history. I learned a little about Zoroastrianism, and the all the other influences that the Jews had and how they began to incorporate those ideas into their scriptures.

I will look into it indeed. I was raised charismatic pentacostalist, yet, I have been re-evaluating that. If Acts is supposed to be what the church experiences now, then where is that gifting? So I have come to some conclusions about that.

Either the bible is overstated and overemphasized, or we are living a lie today. Many other things as well.

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The Seventeenth Amendment (Amendment XVII) to the United States Constitution established the popular election of United States Senators by the people of the states.

The amendment supersedes Article I, §3, Clauses 1 and 2 of the Constitution, under which senators were elected by state legislatures. Chapter 17 – Structure of Chapter 17 Chapter 17 – Rationale for Chapter 17 ⏵ ⏷ Chapter 18 – Pregnancy, childbirth or the puerperium.


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Comments on the December Federal Open Market Committee vote. At the December 13 Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, I dissented from the decision to increase the federal funds rate.

I thought the decision was a close one, and .

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