Rafting company vs hillary

We compared Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on their economic agendas. The battle of economic agendas between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is a showdown of wonk vs. Clinton has literally decades of experience in the domestic and international policy trenches. Befitting this background, she has offered a wide range of detailed proposals on everything from renewable energy goals to sick-leave guarantees.

Rafting company vs hillary

Bill Clinton had known Arkansas businessman and political figure Jim McDougal sinceand had made Rafting company vs hillary previous small real estate investment with him in The goal was to subdivide the site into lots for vacation homesintended for the many people coming south from Chicago and Detroit who were interested in low property taxes, fishing, rafting, and mountain scenery.

The plan was to hold the property for a few years and then sell the lots at a profit. Prospective buyers could no longer afford to buy vacation homes.

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Rather than take a loss on the venture, the four decided to build a model home and wait for better economic conditions.

Following the land purchase, Jim McDougal asked the Clintons for additional funds for interest payments on the loan and other expenses; the Clintons later claimed to have no knowledge of how these contributions were used.

Therefore, McDougal involved others to raise the additional funds. To avoid potential investigations, the money was moved back and forth among several other investors and intermediaries.

Infederal regulators realized that all of the necessary funds for this real estate venture had come from Madison Guaranty; regulators called Castle Grande a sham.

Seth Ward fell under investigation, along with the lawyer who helped him draft the agreement.

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According to the New York Times, Williams placed the documents in a safe in the White House for five days before turning them over to their personal lawyer. Media pressure continued to build, and on April 22,Hillary Clinton gave an unusual press conference under a portrait of Abraham Lincoln in the State Dining Room of the White House, to address questions on both Whitewater and the cattle futures controversy ; it was broadcast live on several networks.

In it, she claimed that the Clintons had a passive role in the Whitewater venture and had committed no wrongdoing, but admitted that her explanations had been vague. She said that she no longer opposed appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the matter.

Afterwards, she won media praise for the manner in which she conducted herself during the press conference; [15] Time called her "open, candid, but above all unflappable The confiding tone and relaxed body language Fisketo investigate the legality of the Whitewater transactions in In MayFiske issued a grand jury subpoena to the President and his wife for all documents relating to Madison Guaranty, with a deadline of 30 days.

They were reported as missing by the Clintons. Fiske, who had been specially appointed by the attorney general, prior to the re-enactment of the Independent Counsel law.

Rafting company vs hillary

Clinton denied that he pressured Hale to approve the loan to Susan McDougal. By this time, Hale had already pleaded guilty to two felonies and secured a reduction in his sentence in exchange for his testimony against Bill Clinton. The prosecutors also alleged in court papers that Hale had made those misrepresentations to conceal the fact that he had looted the insurance company.


Hale said that any infraction was a technicality and that no one had lost any money. Olsonwho with several associates, launched the plan that later became known as the "Arkansas Project", wrote several essays for The American Spectator, accusing Clinton and many of his associates of wrongdoing.Jun 02,  · From the beginning of the Whitewater controversy, Hillary Clinton has maintained a public posture seemingly at odds with her actions.

She was . The Whitewater controversy, Whitewater scandal, or simply Whitewater, was an American political controversy of the s.

It began with an investigation into the real estate investments of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their associates, Jim McDougal and Susan McDougal, in . My wife Liz asked for one thing for her birthday this year a rafting trip on the Chattooga River, Section IV with her family. We have rafted other, nearby rivers including the tame Nantahala and the more challenging Ocoee in the past.

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I would highly recommend 5/5(11). Apr 15,  · Politics Donald Trump vs.

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Hillary Clinton on the issues. Compare and share their positions on the year’s biggest issues, which we’ll update throughout the campaign. The Whitewater scandal refers to a real estate controversy involving former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary as relates to their failed investment into a land development venture known.

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