Purdue grad school thesis

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Purdue grad school thesis

The Department of Chemistry offers programs for advanced study in chemistry leading to the M. Facilities for research in the various fields of chemistry are housed in the Herbert C.

Wetherill Laboratories of Chemistry. Focus areas for research in chemistry include: It is desirable to have a minimum of 35 semester hours of undergraduate credit in chemistry as a basis for graduate work. The 35 hours must include the basic undergraduate courses in general chemistry, quantitative analysis, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry.

In addition, the student should have credit in mathematics through integral calculus and one year of physics. Additional courses in mathematics and physics are desirable. Master of Science Program. Candidates for the Master of Science degree at the West Lafayette Campus are required to submit a thesis.

The plan of study offered for the degree shall specify a primary area and related area or areas. The minimum course requirement is 18 hours, of which 9 shall be in the primary area.

At least 12 hours of level courses must be included in the plan of study. Credit earned in excess of the requirements for the bachelor's degree or as a graduate student elsewhere may be used for part of the course requirement. Doctor of Philosophy Program. Each incoming graduate student will meet with a faculty advisor who will help select Purdue grad school thesis that are consistent with the student's interests and background and help satisfy departmental course requirements.

Courses, Registration & Plan of Study The Department of Chemistry offers programs for advanced study in chemistry leading to the M.

Selection of Thesis Supervisor and Advisory Committee. Most students will select a thesis advisor during their first semester of graduate study.

The committee will include the student's thesis advisor, one member of the graduate faculty from the student's area of focus, and one member of the graduate faculty from outside the student's area of focus.

Two members of the committee must be from the Department of Chemistry. The committee and student will develop a plan of study for the remaining courses needed to satisfy the student's area of focus and departmental requirements.

Each student must earn credit maintaining a grade-point average no less than 2. It is strongly recommended that courses in at least three areas of study be completed during the first two semesters.

At least nine of the eighteen hours must be in chemistry courses. The student's area of focus could be any one of the traditional areas of chemistry or a special-focus area approved by the student's committee and the Graduate Studies Committee.

Part of the course requirements can be satisfied by credit in graduate courses from another institution, subject to approval of the student's committee and the Graduate Studies Committee.

Before the end of their sixth semester students must present a formal seminar. The timing and content of the seminar must be approved by the candidate's committee and the faculty member in charge of the seminar program. At the end of every Spring semester, each student will provide a written research report to their committee describing research progress and future plans.

To establish candidacy, each student must pass five written "cumulative" examination questions within their first four semesters and an oral examination prior to the end of their fifth semester of graduate study.

The oral examination by the student's advisory committee will include a discussion of the student's research and defense of an original research proposal that is different from the student's thesis research.

The thesis defense will consist of two parts.

Purdue grad school thesis

The first part will involve a public presentation of the research with time and format arranged to permit questions from the audience. Immediately following the presentation the candidate will be examined on the material in the thesis and on related topics by the student's advisory committee plus one additional member of the graduate faculty from the student's area of focus.

As a vital part of the graduate training program in chemistry, all graduate students are required to be engaged in a training assignment each term.

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These assignments vary according to the needs and professional aspiration of the student and increase in responsibility as the student progresses.For students in a non-thesis master's program, the role of the advisory committee will be fulfilled by the chair of the graduate committee.

For students in a thesis master's program, the advisory committee consists of the supervisor of the research plus two or more other faculty members agreed upon by the student and the supervisor. Thesis and Dissertation Office Location. B Ernest C. Young Hall S.

Grant Street West Lafayette, IN Contact us. [email protected] Staff.

Purdue grad school thesis

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