Public health dissertation

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Public health dissertation

The directory identifies more than grants awarded to social work researchers from at least 47 different social work education programs and 15 different NIH and HHS institutes and centers. A review of the research studies highlight the extent to which social workers address health disparities, health care access, co-occurring disorders, cultural and environmental contexts of health care and social development, sexual health, family dynamics, spirituality, and hard to reach and at-risk populations.

Public health dissertation

References A search in Social Work Abstracts between and the present provides an overview of research topics that address a broad array of public health issues. Clinical Social Work Journal. Motivational enhancement therapy MET interventions are being increasingly added to the menu of behavioral interventions for HIV prevention.

They present few logistical and psychological barriers for at-risk persons who are ambivalent about transmission risk reduction and appear to offer promise of being transferable to community-based organizations and public health programs.

Public health dissertation

The authors describe the principles of motivational interviewing, a counseling style often used in conjunction with MET, and demonstrate and discuss Public health dissertation application with case examples drawn from a recent pilot trial of a telephone-delivered brief Public health dissertation enhancement for HIV risk reduction with men who have sex with men MSM.

Much of the existing research on lesbian health has been conducted with small, homogenous samples and few studies have included comparison groups of heterosexual women. Paul, and New York City between The data presented here focus on several important indicators of mental health from lesbians and a demographically matched comparison group of heterosexual women.

Similarities and differences based on sexual orientation are described and findings are discussed in relation to other relevant studies. Post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD in victims of domestic violence: A review of the research.

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The objectives of this research were to analyze data from literature based on studies of battered women to determine a the correlation of domestic violence and post-traumatic stress disorder PTSDb the best treatment strategies for PTSD, and c the evidence of PTSD treatment effectiveness with battered women.

Findings were 1 symptoms of battered women are consistent with PTSD symptoms; 2 certain populations are at higher risk of developing PTSD symptoms; 3 intensity, duration, and perception of the battering experience is a significant factor in the severity of the PTSD symptoms; 4 demographic variables influence PTSD severity; 5 standardized PTSD assessment is needed by professionals working with women experiencing domestic violence; 6 there is a need for greater public health involvement for prevention, identification, and medical treatment of domestic violence and PTSD; and 7 certain treatment strategies are recommended for PTSD but lack rigorous testing of their efficacy.

Analysis of a time-limited counseling hotline. The findings indicated that the arena and level of concern raised by the hotline callers are associated with the situation of the callers and the developmental phase of the disaster.

The authors call for welfare service organizations to adopt a differential service focus for different phases of disaster development, when they are confronted with similar public health hazards in the future. The study also identifies the special role played by women in containing the epidemic, and suggests more gender sensitive intervention planning in addressing the needs of women in their gatekeeping and caregiving roles during an epidemic.

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The development of a risk assessment instrument for the prevention of Vesico vaginal fistula in Nigeria. The objective of this study was to validate a screening instrument for the detection of women at risk of vesico vaginal fistula VVFa debilitating birth injury commonly found in northern Nigeria.

The risk assessment instrument was administered to a total of fistula patients receiving treatment at health care facilities in Kaduna State, Nigeria. A group of women in three villages in Kaduna State, Nigeria who reported delivering without complications served as the control group.

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Group scores on the instrument were compared. Women with higher scores on the screening instruments were more likely to have a fistula than women with lower scores.

A logistic regression model using VVF and non-VVF as the dependent variable found that women with higher screening scores were 1. A ROC curve established the accuracy of the screening tool at Promoting methodological pluralism, theoretical diversity and interdisciplinarity through a multi-leveled violence prevention initiative in South Africa.

Violence prevention within low-income, under-resourced communities presents significant challenges to community development researcher-practitioners seeking to maximize partnerships, resource utilization, and overall program effectiveness.

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It presents preliminary outcomes of a multi-level pilot application of this matrix in a low-income neighborhood in South Africa, specifically focusing on evaluating its capacity to foster methodological pluralism, theoretical diversity, and interdisciplinarity, together with promoting community empowerment and coalition-building strategies.

This is one of six articles in this special issue on prevention and intervention in post-Apartheid South Africa.

Beliefs and cessation strategies among stakeholders.The Department of Epidemiology of the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health is leading research and prevention activities that impact public health by training students to evaluate and respond to important public health issues in aging and chronic disease prevention, reproductive health, environmental health, and infectious diseases.

Public Health and the Role of Health Education in HIV/AIDSPrevention. This 5 page report discusses the fact that public health programs and public health education can serve humanity in ways that no other aspect of the health care realm can. Admission Requirements.

Applicants must have a an advanced degree in nursing or health care (master in public health, nursing degree, physician assistant degree, other degree of similar level, at least at bachelor's level and ideally at the master's level) issued by a publicly recognized institution. ScholarWorks at Georgia State University includes Master's Theses contributed by students of the School of Public Health at Georgia State University.

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About the Program. SLU’s Ph.D. in public health studies provides expertise in research design, methods and dissemination. Students gain a solid understanding of public health science, including the distribution and determinants of health and disease across populations.

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