Primark strategic marketing audit

The company specializes in clothing and accessories at low prices. The majority of garments sold are manufactured exclusively for the group, but also sold out of season garments from other brands.

Primark strategic marketing audit

A company that can fill the void and satisfy the needs and wants of the people will be successful and draw a profit. A competitive market is created when other entrepreneurs establish companies that meet the same needs of the people which.

This competition forces each company to establish a marketing process to enhance their reputation and relationship with their customers. In a global economy, successful business must transcend local and national areas and appeal to a global audience while also establishing profitable supply relationships to ensure low production costs.

To be successful in this endeavor companies must apply the marketing principles of analysis, planning, implementation and control at a strategic level. Senior managers conduct strategic marketing management to set cooperate policy and establish long-range Primark strategic marketing audit.

Strategic marketing Strategic marketing management entails the process of formulation, implementation and estimation of marketing strategy by an organization. Indeed a marketing strategy aimed at differentiating the business in a positive way with respect to its competition through satisfying customer needs.

And the strategic marketing management involves understanding and applying marketing from the perspective through creating customers.

Primark strategic marketing audit

In performing this process a number of steps are taken iteratively Kerin et al, The internal and external analysis together in the SWOT analysis based on the strategic points needs to be addressed clearly. Simply strategic marketing management is about realizing marketing form the strategic perspective of creating customers.

Based on the strategic points, at the level of marketing and at the level of the instruments the 4 ps: The basic principle of strategic marketing is to strategically satisfy the needs and demands of existing and potential customers. Role of strategic marketing in Primark Strategic marketing focuses on how to develop competitive advantage through the drivers of shareholder value.


Being able to do this is the key for many marketers to increase their influence in the organization. Stepwise action makes Primark a productive sector.

It is an exciting growing brand that provides consumers with value for money in fashion items. The company has an effective supply chain that combines manufacturing of different countries like Bangladesh, India m china and Turkey and some parts of Europe.

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In an organization which is as large and strong as Primark, a competitive devised strategic marketing is highly required. As this manufacturing company outsource it projects, it has many responsibilities to execute without any dilemma in between.

As the workforce of Primark is exclusively huge, the employees are to be managed and trained accordingly.FTSE CLOSE: Pound on the climb as it closes in on post Brexit high FTSE CLOSE: Wage growth edges above inflation as unemployment hits lowest level since ; Primark owner ABF blames the 'Beast.

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The Applicant must fill the name by which his/her Enterprise is known to the customers/public and is a legal entity to conduct business. Read the Primark case study overleaf and compile a report to identify the key strategic marketing issues that the company faces today.

Use any available secondary source material to develop your audit ( words) EXAMINATION Seen Case Study. Strategic marketing analysis of Primark, using different analysis tools reveal that Primark is expanding globally and being in the global market; Primark has adopted an approach of “Think globally, Act locally” as stated by Armstrong, ().

This marketing audit will critically analyse the current marketing situation for the leading high street brand Primark, with a specific focus around technological influences which impact the consumer, internal, competitive and external factors.

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