Pottery painting studio business plan

Paint brushes Getting Started Choose strategies to generate income that you can easily incorporate into your existing business concept, expertise and schedule of operations.

Pottery painting studio business plan

Antique vase before and after repair click to enlarge About our capabilities and commitment We strive for the highest quality and we treat each object entrusted to us with the utmost care.

We repair, fix and restore a wide range of materials which include pottery, ceramic, porcelain, china, terra-cotta, clay, stoneware, stone, metal sculpture, plaster, resin, wood and other materials. We can provide different levels of repair for high-end restoration and can propose more affordable options and rates - see more about our restoration and conservations options below.

We always do the best we can to be sensible with advising our customers on the best path with restoring or not the damaged valuable. As our Before and After example page shows, the range of repairs we can perform is diverse - it can be a hairline crack, chipped item or multiple breaks.

When items have missing pieces, Lakeside Pottery can match the ceramic material and restore the original look and feel. And when necessary, we have the unique capability, as ceramic artists, of sculpting or taking an impression of missing pieces, reproducing them from clay and kiln firing the duplicated pieces instead of a Polymer based filler option to insure uniformity of materials and retain the restored item's value.

At times, making a Custom Made replica in our pottery studio is a more cost effective option which you may choose. See care instructions and warranty conditions Pricing: Restoration quotations provided by Lakeside Pottery are valid for 45 days. Repairs can take anywhere between 8 to 16 weeks depending on the complexity and time of year.

Our official estimate proposal will indicate schedule as it applies specifically to your project.

pottery painting studio business plan

You may request expedited schedule if it is really important to you to receive the item earlier. Getting the item to us: Your valuable can be driven to us during selected days and time or shipped. Most items are shipped to us from around the country and some from other countries.

pottery painting studio business plan

If our shipping recommendations are followed see linkshipping is safe. To date, none of the items shipped following the given shipping instructions were damaged.

We take great care in shipping your repaired piece back to you and have a perfect track record. The cost of repairing damaged ceramic, china, pottery or porcelain depends on the type and extent of the damages taking the following into our calculations: Is removal of an old repair attempt required?

How many breaks, cracks or chips? If yes, will we be required to fabricate them? How large of a surface needs to be repainted? See link to "seamless painting" examples How many shades of colors are required to be matched? What repair type is chosen relative to your budget see below?

Does the restoration cost make financial sense?

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Using our repair and ceramic and sculpture restoration services: Fill out the on-line Restoration Estimate Request Form. We do not estimate and repair functional items such as cooking ware. The repair materials can be effected by contact with, food liquids, cleaning materials and temperature above degree F.

This option provides you with a complete restoration process for ceramic, china, pottery, porcelain, sculpture stone or metal items.Are you a novice or experienced potter looking for studio space or courses to improve your skills? Vancouver offers numerous venues for drop-in pottery .

Pottery-to-go: Paint in the comfort of your home! Think sleepover parties or a family home night. Pick up your choice of pottery to take home plus paints and . How to Catch the Girl Stealing in "The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker".

Nov 24,  · reviews of Painting with a Twist "it was very fun to come here, I loved all the place is full of life and is brillantw and cheerful, I would come a hundred times more to relax thank you!".

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