Peak oil essay

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Peak oil essay

Back in November of last year, the US and China came to an agreement to ensure a peak in carbon dioxide emissions by Afteryearly emissions would go down.

Estimates by scholars in China were that byemissions would peak at As some examples, bacteria in wetlands start producing higher amounts of methane, while the melting of permafrost will release methane as well.

Is there no solution whatsoever then? Well, there is one glimmer of hope. As a result, carbon and methane emissions would peak. Humans would be forced to start using drastically less energy and the economy would rapidly start to contract. Peak carbon would require a painful and difficult period of transition.

How painful such a transition would Peak oil essay depends largely on whether we took measures to prepare ourselves for this scenario and how a society responds to sudden shortages.

Peak carbon is an extension of a concept that most people have heard of, peak oil. There are however peculiar global developments that suggest we are reaching limits in multiple natural resources simultaneously, which may lead to the phenomenon of peak carbon.

To start with, the world was surprised a few months ago, with the news that CO2 emisisons in had flatlined compared to The decline in coal consumption fits an overall pattern seen in China over the past few years, which suggests that China is running out of high quality coal.

The image below shows Chinese coal production until This is a signal of depletion, as anthracite is generally seen as a very high quality type of coal. Interestingly enough, the decline in coal consumption in China appears to continue.

There have been suggestions that the Chinese data are simply inaccurate, that coal mines are continuing to produce coal without being registered by the Chinese government. However, the stabilization in coal production has been a process that has taken place over multiple years, so I consider this an unlikely explanation, as the data fit in line with what we would expect.

It would also be persuasive to assume that the Chinese economy has simply started to decarbonize, by transitioning to low-carbon sources of heat and electricity and increasing energy efficiency. Perhaps the Chinese are simply no longer capable of burning ever increasing amounts of coal.

Multiple factors can be responsible for this. Overseas demand for carbon-intensive products may have declined. Low coal prices triggered by low demand may have forced some coal manufacturers to drastically reduce their production, because they can not produce coal at such low costs.

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In light of these problems, some analysts are skeptical about the GDP growth figures coming out of China. There are also other factors, that could be interpreted as either voluntary or involuntary decarbonization, depending on how you wish to look at it. Many places face epidemics of birth defects as a result of pollution and cities across China are facing enormous problems with smog.Preservation of Knowedge, peak oil, ecology - You might be interested in this example of selective (deluded?) optimism.

The Olduvai theory states that industrial civilization (as defined by per capita energy production) will have a lifetime of less than or equal to years (–).

The theory provides a quantitative basis of the transient-pulse-theory of modern civilization. The name is a reference to the Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania.

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Peak oil essay

OPEC publishes monthly production data for all OPEC nations in their Monthly Oil Market data crude oil production only and does not include condensate. I have found the data to be highly accurate and any errors are corrected in the next month’s report or the month following that.

The energy supplied by oil is an important component of the operation of civilization but it is not the only one. Peak oil does not convey the reality that oil is becoming beyond reach because technology improvements cannot compensate for the declining quality of the remaining sources.

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