Marketing audit of fmcg companies

Many companies face the problem of allocating their precious marketing budgets across various marketing and sales initiatives in an effective manner.

Marketing audit of fmcg companies

Tarun Tarun's journey in ITC: Post my corporate induction, I was sent to ITC's Bangalore factory to understand manufacturing operations.

The 90 days that followed involved detailed understanding of the manufacturing process, interacting and learning from employees who have spent a lifetime with ITC and an in depth exposure to industrial relations. I was involved in multifarious activities such as recruitment of frontline workforce, implementation of frontline performance management system, conducting development centres, providing behavioral training to the frontline workforce and formulation of induction programme for new recruits.

I am currently a part of a 4 member team and am closely involved with manpower planning, recruitment, HR budgeting, conducting development centres for different functions and execution of live HR projects.

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Tarun's thoughts on ITC as a Workplace: ITC is a place where you keep 'learning' and 'unlearning' every moment. You interact with stalwarts who were Assistants Under Training like us years ago and these senior managers are always happy to share their experiences with newcomers People are warm, courteous and they become friends for life.

The eclectic mix of various generations provides you an environment where you get exposed to multiple perspectives. I have completed two years in this Company and right from training to my current responsibility, it has been a great learning experience.

Tarun believes ITC offers you: ITC has aggressively diversified into many categories over the last decade and it offers individuals an opportunity to be a catalyst to this growth engine. You get a chance to work on interesting live projects and cross functional teams. After two years I can say that ITC gives an individual a chance to explore his or her potential to the fullest.

The sheer experience of being a part of this growth engine is an immense motivator to experiment and deliver.

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ITC puts immense trust in its employees and it is a privilege to work with this world-class organisation. Overview Profile We look for. Technical 26 factories, best in class technology, state of the art facilities, diversity in roles, processes and in businesses, all this and more makes ITC a dream company for professionals pursuing a career in the Technical function.

ITC recruits the best engineering minds from both premier engineering campuses across the country and directly from the market for roles in its Technical function. The objective of ITC's Technical function is to service the market with world-class products and huge investments are made continuously to remain at the cutting-edge of technology and most importantly, towards the enrichment and development of our human capital.

In ITC responsibility comes early. These roles can range from operations, maintenance, engineering, project management and logistics. The role can involve heading a small department having employees or managing a project involving substantial capital expenditure or managing the supply chain and logistics.

The roles also include managing the maintenance activities for the plant or can be in the core engineering area. Therefore each role has a totally different flavour of its own and therefore its own challenges and learning opportunities. For professionals recruited from the market roles are offered in keeping with the nature and length of their experience.

The roles range from entry level roles to the ones which involves management of entire departments such as Production or Engineering.

Marketing audit of fmcg companies

In the technical function you will be rotated across these roles to provide you with wider exposure and overall business perspective. Based on performance and potential, you will be moved up to head a department having size of more than employees as early as years from the date of joining the Company.

From there again based on merit, you will be given the opportunity of becoming the head of an entire engineering department of the factory or the production department and going forward the opportunity to head an entire factory.

After a detailed training programme that lasted over six months and across various businesses, I was posted in ILTD - the leaf tobacco development division of ITC.

For me it turned out to be a great realisation as I attempted career moves one after the other that helped me broaden my exposure to various businesses across functions.Marketing Audit For Coca Cola Enterprises. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, The effectiveness of company's advertising, marketing & promotional programs is crucial task.

The new technology of internet & television is the use special effects for advertising through media. They make some products look attractive. Zespri International Limited is a consumer-driven, grower-owned company dedicated to the global marketing of kiwifruit.

We are a relatively large company in . Articles of Clerkship completed with a professional services firm (focused on internal or external audit services) or a minimum of 5 years Internal Audit experience in a large organisation with a well-established Internal Audit Department.

A marketing audit is not unlike a financial audit in that it helps the organisations to examine progress or lack of process towards the goals. A marketing audit is an evaluation of the marketing within an organisation to see if their strategies in place are effective within the marketing environment.

10 things medical device companies may be doing wrong in marketing and how they can change it. Advice from senior marketing expert Pontus Rehn. A marketing audit provides a comprehensive review of your company’s marketing activities and can help to reduce costs.

If you are interested in Win Marketing conducting a marketing audit or finding out how a marketing audit can help give you competitive advantage, please contact us .

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