Ladies hostel business plan

Building A Student Hostel: Profitability And Challenges by DisGuy: Ensuite rooms with reading table and cupboards should be decent omoola Note most plots of land are ft by 50ft except Lagos which uses ft by 60ft.

Ladies hostel business plan

Pinterest Email With this, you can easily and quickly get your hostel business up and running in no time. Hostels are becoming increasingly popular among tourists and travelers, because with the economic turmoil that the world is going through, a cheaper alternative to hotel accommodations is needed.

You can take advantage of this by opening up your own hostel business. Here are some of the things that you need to set up in order to get your own hostel business up and running. Licensing your Hostel Business Since they cater to people, hostel owners need to get themselves licensed.

Go to your local food and safety government agencies and get yourself certified. To keep the cost low in the rising competition you will have to set this business with a low investment. You can develop Phase-II and Phase-III later so that it will give you a margin time to filter your mistakes and invest your money perfectly.

They act almost like hotels except that some accommodations that are afforded to hotel guests are removed. This includes security for your things. In a hostel, guests only have security lockers for their things.

Amenities for Hostel Business Decide first if you want to use double-deck or single deck beds for your rooms, or a combination of both. You would also need to address the privacy of your guests because hostel guests are like bedspacers; they share one room.

Unlike hotels, TV sets in hostel rooms are not encouraged in order to foster more interaction between guests.

ladies hostel business plan

Internet Access Internet access can either be wifi or landline-based, so your guests can connect with their loved ones in their home countries. Some of them might choose to bring their own laptops, but others will most likely be restricted to PCs that you provide to them. Make sure they can download and send pictures from their digital cameras if they wish to.

Maps Most of your guests will be tourists, and they will want to tour around the city they are staying at. The maps should be free. If you can, link up with a tour guide agency through which you can offer them a tour of the city.

ladies hostel business plan

The Best Staff for Hostel Business The thing in common with both hotels and hostels is that their reputation hinges on the staff that serves their establishments. The same goes for your business. You need to best there is in staffing.

The staff should be friendly, helpful, and with an eye for cleanliness and organization. Having these will help boost the reputation of your business greatly.This is a community-written guide that contains ideas on how to start a hostel.

It is a collaborative writing effort. If you have ideas or photos to add, just click on the the "edit" links and start adding content. I Want to Start A new Business of Ladies Students Hostel, Please Let me know the ideas of building a business and how to invest, procedures with limited capital.

Lloyd Jones said on January 7, We started a network of hostels across Canada 20 years ago, including colleges universities and . The prospective hostel owner must attempt to plan where the location of his hostel must be, the investment that is required in order to set it up, the permissions that must be taken to set up the hostel, and the other relevant logistics that are required before setting up the hostel itself.

Wikipedia has a good overview of business plans. Small Business Administration business plan advice; Business plan outline; Business plan advice; Sample Outline for Hostel Business Plan. TO-DO: please add generic content that is specific to the hostels; Sample 1.

A business plan should be about 30 pages plus justifying/supporting attachments. OK, so you have decided to realize your dream and open your own hotel.

You have thought out an amazing concept delivering unparalleled guest service. The next step would be to write a hotel business plan. It’s like a road map to the opening. However this is where most entrepreneurs get stuck.

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