How to write and publish an ebook

Creating Basic Ebook Files Assuming you have a finished and polished manuscript ready to be published, your first task is to create an ebook file; EPUB is the industry standard ebook format accepted by nearly all retailers. While most retailers and distributors try to offer good Word-to-ebook conversion, results and quality vary tremendously. Use them with caution.

How to write and publish an ebook

The days keep changing, will you?

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If you have no market you have no sales. That means writing your book was just a waste of time. Failing to do the research will cripple your earnings. There are two reasons for this. The first is pretty obvious, dead niches. Secondly, you need to know how the customer will find you.

To quote a sage piece of advice from the U. And if you can hit it, you can kill it.

How to write and publish an ebook

Last month I released three books. As a result it took quite some time before my sales really took off. This month I started doing keyword research. I released one book that has sold better than my first two titles combined.

Download and read the two Copyblogger eBooks on keyword research. Both titles are free if you sign up for their newsletter plus you get 14 other great books and a 20 part course on persuasive writing and marketing.

Copyblogger and its resources will teach you far more than any Internet marketing personality ever will. Find an appropriate keyword tool. There are roughly ten bazillion keyword tools on the market. Some are great and others suck. Additionally, they very in price, ranging from free to several thousand dollars.

Spending five grand for an awesome research tool is like me buying a hamburger. However, there are also plenty of great tools for people who are just starting out.

And many of these are free. And that was just from me playing around with some free software.

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Go play with your research tools for 15 minutes a day. Enter 20 different phrases and see which variants are the most popular. Write Before you start writing take 30 minutes to outline every chapter. In fact I actually measured the difference in writing speed. An outlined book takes me an hour and a half to write at the length of 3, words.

A non-outlined book takes about three to six hours. Without an outline you will lack focus and it will cost you money. Additionally, the quality will be greatly reduced. You should also set a daily word count goal. I try to pen about 2, words a day. That means I write aboutwords a year.

Whenever I reach my 2, word goal, I take an hour-long break to get ice cream and goof around. Since writing can be tedious, I suggest having some kind of similar rewards system.

Format A lot of people have trouble formatting books. Additionally, Kindle books often format poorly. You get weird glitches and all kinds of errors. There are two ways to fix this. But anyone who plans on making Kindle content will want better tools. If you can fill out a form you can publish on Amazon.

To get publish your book you have to visit Kindle Direct Publishing and then sign in with your normal account. Here you can find all kinds of information on self-publishing.A few things you will have to keep in mind when writing:Create a Table of Contents (TOC).Insert a page break when you’re finished with your chapter to eliminate unnecessary white space so your reader can immediately scroll to the next not use headers, footers, or any sexy font because it will not translate on the Kindle; they have standard, italicize, and headings translate are allowed and should be inserted (more on formatting your eBook below).

Now you can go and self-publish an ebook!

How to write and publish an ebook

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You can also get the ebook, Successful Self-Publishing for free on all ebook stores and also in print. Proofread your ebook. Twice. Try Read Please software.

Check each link. Consider hiring and editor to check your book. Send the book to beta readers, close friends who are writers, or your writing group. Make changes suggested by them.

Package your book. . The ever-rising trend of ebooks should be more than enough of a reason to write and publish your own ebook but if you’re not quite sold, we’ll break it down a bit further.

In , ebook sales are projected to account for about one quarter of global book sales. Publishing takes less than 5 minutes and your book appears on Kindle stores worldwide within hours.

Make more money. Earn up to 70% royalty on sales to customers in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and more. How to market, write, format, and publish an eBook February 12, By Robert 27 Comments Today’s post is a comprehensive guide to publishing your own eBook.

How to Write & Publish an eBook and Sell It for Profit