Entrepreneur paper interview

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Entrepreneur paper interview

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Meet the Entrepreneur Reinventing Polaroid Polaroid's trying to come back in a big way. Here's the entrepreneur yes, entrepreneur making it happen. Polaroid made headlines last week when it announced it would open 10 retail stores, or Polaroid Fotobarsacross the U.

But the idea for the stores didn't originate within the year-old camera company. Fotobar, it turns out, is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Warren Struhl.

Struhl has founded 10 companies, among them the Entrepreneur paper interview corn brand Popcorn, Indiana and the energy strip company Sheets Brand. Last April, he approached Polaroid with a new idea for a retail store where customers could turn photos from their phone, Facebook, Instagram, and other digital platforms into hangable wall art.

Fotobar would be a standalone start-up, led by Struhl as Entrepreneur paper interview, but it would pay Polaroid to use the iconic name.

The two struck a licensing deal which Struhl says will cost him a percentage of sales over timeand now, the first of the Polaroid Fotobar stores is set to open in Delray Beach, Florida, in February. It's a win-win relationship for both companies, Struhl says, because it gives Polaroid, a company that's fallen on hard times in the digital age, a fresh entry point to consumers and infuses Struhl's start-up with all the legitimacy and brand awareness that accompanies Polaroid.

They stand for quality. This concept is something they weren't necessarily thinking about, but they immediately saw it as an opportunity to extend their brand.

We both thought it was a marriage made in heaven. He has built a career of injecting a little fun into relatively staid markets, starting with the paper industry.

In the s, Struhl started a business called PaperDirect. Later, he shook up the microwave popcorn market with a line of prepopped kettle corn. Inwhen Struhl and the basketball phenom LeBron James launched Sheets Brand, a line of energy strips that dissolve on your tongue, the company's cheeky advertisements urged customers to "take a sheet.

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Fotobar, he hopes, will be his last. He came up with the idea about two years ago when, like many smart entrepreneurs, he saw that most of the people around him were taking photos on their phones. When he asked whether any of those photos actually lived in the physical world, Struhl recalls, "Nine out of 10 times, they said two things: No, and it really upsets me that they don't.

It wasn't untilhowever, when Instagram really took off, that he approached Polaroid with the idea. Polaroid, once synonymous with instant-gratification photography, has struggled in the past decade or so to keep up with the ever-evolving world of digital images.

This drove Polaroid, which was founded in by inventor Edwin H. Land, into two bankruptcies, one in and another in Inits then-owners also decided to shut down all the factories producing Polaroid's trademark instant film cameras, triggering the widespread belief that Polaroid was finished for good.

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It's effectively an intellectual property company that licenses the Polaroid name to other businesses, like Fotobar. This has led to a recent resurgence of the Polaroid brand. Now, the company is back to selling cameras, both digital and film, thanks to licensing deals with manufacturers around the world.

Struhl has also already given retail a go.

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The company did spawn the Popcorn, Indiana brand, but Struhl soon found that the stores were too costly to keep afloat and shut them down within a few years. With Fotobar, he thinks he can avoid that pitfall.

Entrepreneur paper interview

To encourage traffic, Fotobars will be hosting events and photography classes in each of the stores. Struhl says he plans on inviting photographers with the most followers on Instagram to speak, as well as hosting parties for kids.

Jan 8, More from Inc.One-on-one online sessions with our experts can help you start a business, grow your business, build your brand, fundraise and more. Entrepreneur Interview-Nail Spa. Introduction.

An entrepreneur is required to take risks that are feasible (Drucker, 25). The following interview is that of an entrepreneur who was able to take a feasible risk and start a nail spa business.

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And now, at age 65, after amassing a multibillion-dollar fortune as a physician and biotech entrepreneur, he’s gone all in with newspapers, buying The San Diego Union-Tribune, the Los Angeles.

Jul 19,  · Entrepreneur Interview Essay Considering any business, people imagine rich, prosperous, initiative and resourceful entrepreneurs, who successfully started and developed their own company.

Today’s interview deals with spa business.

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