Business plan nz govt ministers

Interim Business Case and related Cabinet papers Posted on: At the time of the announcement of the proposals for the future of Christchurch education provision, and in the follow up with each of the schools directly affected, all the information considered material to an effective consultation process was released. The interim Business Case was not released because it is indicative and a more detailed Business Case is to be provided to Ministers.

Business plan nz govt ministers

Air New Zealand Winner: Leorida says she leads by example to empower Pasifika success and contribute to progress for Pasifika people. She has a special passion for empowering females to achieve. She is passionate about humanitarian and global issues and has used her leadership roles as an educational platform to inform her Pasifika peers of global issues and to encourage them to be proactive to make a difference.

Leorida says her faith and the support of her mother are her guiding forces. She says as an only child raised by her Samoan mother, with the support of her grandmother, she learnt the importance of her identity, her language, values of her loving family and that education was critical to success.

Leorida says she has experienced bullying and many of her peers have tried to discredit or embarrass her for wanting to succeed. She says though they were troubled times and made her doubt herself, her faith and support of her aiga helped her through and she is always willing to lend her listening skills for those struggling with any issue.

Leorida says her experiences have sparked the justice and freedom fighter within and has inspired her aspiration to study Law and Arts majoring in Politics and International Relations and Pacific Studies.

She is confident these studies will assist her in her ultimate goal of working in foreign policy or diplomatic service.

business plan nz govt ministers

Sports and Fitness, sponsor: New Zealand Institute of Sport Winner: He says playing his old school in the finals in and winning for Scots College was personally hard for him to deal with however in the professional era something he knows he will have to get used to.

He also broke his leg in that final and being unable to play for three months was challenging. Despite this, Jarimar went on to receive the prestigious Rugby Colours award for Scots college this year and is also showing his all-round sporting ability by coaching a rugby holiday programme for 7 — 10 year olds.

He says contributing to the game as a player in every aspect is important to keeping skills on point on and off the field.

business plan nz govt ministers

He has already represented his school teams in Japan and Malaysia and says learning to be a better public speaker is a must for professional athletes. Jarimar says this award will allow him to focus fully on rugby and plans to pursue his dream of becoming an All Black with plans to go to Police Training School in the next five years.

He is extremely passionate and excited about his next step in life after successfully gaining entry into the New Zealand Institute of Sport where he will be studying the pre-police proficiency programme.

Grace has proven her business acumen and innovation by creating a product she says will revolutionise the hospitality industry. Like all good entrepreneurs she saw a problem and found a solution to solve it with a product that is now in prototype stage.

Grace says her Fijian upbringing has meant humility is a big part of who she is and how she operates. Sione is an accomplished and exhibited artist. He says his creative performance art works encompasses and details his identity as a young New Zealand born Tongan and the struggles of a bi-cultural life.

He will be exhibiting in Christchurch and Melbourne in He says the challenges for a young New Zealand born Tongan from Otara in South Auckland are many and hopes his creative work helps others confront and conquer their struggles too.

Sione says as the only Pacific person in his fine arts class he often felt the pressure to represent and influence his peers for all Pacific communities.

They have shaped me, made my rough edges smoother and fine-tuned me to what I have accomplished thus far.

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He also supports the Otahuhu Tongan group during the annual Polyfest. His research will focus on Pacific men in New Zealand, in particular Tongan men.

Sione says his study will help him towards achieving his future aspiration of becoming a lecturer. Antony says the Pacific Ocean is a playground for aquatic life and scientific research and knowledge can provide many economic benefits for Pacific communities.

His Cook Islands and Fijian heritage ensure his love of the ocean and his drive to succeed.usually work regular business hours, but often work more than 40 hours a week; usually work in offices; Public Relations Institute of New Zealand, interview, June Lomax, I, managing partner, Perception PR & Marketing, interview, June Press secretaries advise ministers on how to deal with the.

[email protected] | BUSINESS PLAN 1 July –30 June Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management National CDEM Strategy’s vision of a Resilient New Zealand, the priorities of the Minister of Civil Defence and the resources allocated, and the projects and programmes that will be.

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New Zealand Government. Disclaimer;. Draft Aotearoa New Zealand Government Tourism Strategy Other | Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment | 6 Nov to 4 Feb | Open The draft Tourism Strategy proposes a more deliberate and active role for government in tourism, to make .

The Prime Minister’s Pacific Youth Awards were sponsored by Air New Zealand, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Auckland Council, AKO Aotearoa, BNZ, Creative New Zealand, Massey University, New Zealand Institute of Sport, Pacific Cooperation Foundation, Deloitte,and Leadership NZ. New Zealand Trade and Enterprise is the Government's international business development agency, using knowledge and connections to help Kiwi companies grow.

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